CalCPA Works to Improve Financial Literacy of California Residents

A skilled accounting professional based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Beata Szkop currently works as a Senior Accountant at irisnote, Inc., in Redwood City, California. Active in her field, Beata Szkop holds memberships with various professional organizations, including the California Society of Certified Public Accountants (CalCPA).

With a current membership of 40,000 accounting professionals, CalCPA leverages the financial expertise of its members to assist those in need. In fact, CalCPA operates a number of community outreach programs aimed at helping individuals improve their financial understanding.

In addition to programs designed for students, CalCPA offers assistance to adults through its Dollars & Sense program. Consisting of workshops led by certified public accountants, Dollars & Sense strives to improve the financial literacy of adult residents of California.

The workshops, which are hosted by schools, businesses, and community groups, provide a range of money management tips and offer investment, savings, and tax advice. Each workshop also includes a question and answer session, during which attendees can seek guidance concerning their own specific financial needs.


Barnes & Noble reports 60% drop in digital sales over holiday period


It looks like the holidays weren’t very happy for Barnes & Noble(s bks). The bookstore chain on Thursday announced a 60 percent decline in digital sales over the nine-week holiday period from the same time the previous year.

The company’s Nook division, which includes digital content and devices, reported $125 million in revenue, a 60.5 percent decline from the year before. Nook devices and accessories took an even harder hit, dropping 66.7 percent over the same period. Digital content sales, on the other hand, were down 27.3 percent from the year prior.

The news isn’t terribly surprising, given that Barnes & Noble didn’t release any completely new Nook tablets in 2013.

“Sales in the NOOK segment declined year-over-year largely because during the previous holiday season the company introduced two new tablet products, while no new tablets were introduced this year,” the company’s newly appointed CEO Michael Huseby said in a statement.


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Google+ may get Chromecast support soon


Google (S GOOG) may be getting ready to add Chromecast support to its Google+ mobile apps: A resourceful Google+ user has found Chromecast icons in the latest version of the Google+ Android app, suggesting that the app could soon be used to cast photos and videos to a Chromecast-equipped TV screen. A Google spokesperson told me that the company didn’t have anything to announce with regards to additional apps for Chromecast, but it would make a lot of sense for Google to prioritize the Google+ mobile apps. The company has been putting a lot of effort into photos on Google+, including its auto-awesome features, and displaying those photos on the TV screen seems like the logical next step.

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